About SchadeNet

SchadeNet, zeker bij autoschade

Environmental and future outlook

SchadeNet puts the environment and sustainability high on its agenda.

You can start your claim file entirely digitally using the online claim. In addition, we repair in a cost saving and damage burden reducing process. We try to keep the use of new parts to a minimum, and to reduce our energy consumption and waste. All SchadeNet repairers follow the regulations and have the necessary quality marks such as Eurogarant, Avicar Plus, Long Life Repair ... The entire network has achieved the 'Sustainable repair' certificate.

Courtesy vehicle

You will still be able to drive during the repairs. All our branches provide courtesy vehicles.

If you so wish, you can use the courtesy vehicle for the duration of the repairs. That means you will always be mobile. Only vehicles with a low environmental impact are used as courtesy vehicles. An appropriate courtesy vehicle will always be available to you.

Pick-up & Delivery service

You no longer have to drive your damaged vehicle. We will come and collect your vehicle and return it to you.

Is the vehicle badly damaged or you have difficulty travelling? Then SchadeNet can pick up your vehicle and return it to you. Damage to your vehicle is always inconvenient, but SchadeNet takes care of everything for you.

Rapid and perfect service

You will get your vehicle back quickly. In addition, our service is guaranteed right at once.

We strive for perfect quality and service. We use state-of-the-art equipment and machines. An efficient and enduring repair allows us to provide high quality at a favourable price. All the bodywork also has a flex-office where you can work in peace and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee. An ideal service for minor repairs, such as the Smart and Cosmetic repair in which you get your vehicle back on the same day.

Always nearby

You can always find a bodyworking company near you. SchadeNet is the largest damage repair chain in the Benelux.

In Belgium over twenty companies are members of the SchadeNet network. That means there will always be a repairer near you. We repair the damage to your vehicle rapidly and expertly. In addition we are happy to assist you with the administrative and financial process.