Rethinking the future of car repair

Has your car been damaged? Smart technologies such as artificial intelligence, drones and Internet of Things are the future of damage repair. Your car will be repaired faster, and your claim will be dealt with faster and more efficiently. We offer you a glimpse into the future.

Rethinking the future of car repair

Not a day goes by without hearing about new, smart technologies. They are also on the rise among car manufacturers, insurers and lease companies. How does this help you? For example, when you make a claim, they make your life a lot easier and your car will be repaired faster. We list the most important technologies for you.


Do you call your insurer or lease company when your car has been damaged? In the future, they could send a drone to take pictures of the damage and the situation. This way, they can immediately see the exact extent of the damage and send the file to a SchadeNet repairer. You will receive information about how long the repair will take faster and you will know quicker when your car will be as good as new again.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things. A difficult term. Simply put, sensors in your car are connected to a network. If they detect that you have been involved in an accident, they immediately send the data to your insurer or lease company. Your insurer or lease company can then direct the emergency services and towing service to the scene of the accident, after which they can also arrange transport to take you home safely.

Artificial intelligence

Thanks to artificial intelligence, enormous amounts of data are analysed, interpreted and joined up at lightning speed using powerful computers.

There are insurance companies that have all claims automatically analysed by a smart software system. If your case is straightforward, you get an immediate answer as to whether you are covered or not. The repair and payment are arranged in a jiffy and your claim is completed faster.

Other companies have the photos of your accident analysed by powerful computers and know within seconds which parts of your car need to be repaired or completely replaced. This also ensures that your file and your repair are processed faster.


Blockchain is a technology in which your garage, insurance company or lease company keep all data about your car in a central database. As a result, they all have the latest information about your car at their disposal and no longer need to send data back and forth. This technology also drastically speeds up the handling of your claim.

Machine learning

Machine learning literally means a learning machine. This is a preventive technology used to avoid claims in the first place. The technology in your car analyses, among other things, the traffic around you, your driving behaviour and driving style. Your car makes itself smarter, adapts to you and makes you drive safer.

With a view to the future!

At SchadeNet we embrace the changes in our sector, but we still offer you the fast and simple service you are used to. We keep a close eye on new technologies so that we can always offer you the best service.